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serving those who serve us


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Wellspring of Life Farm is operated and supported through the amazing gifts and talents of volunteers who want to serve others in need through the blessings of horses and dogs.

Founded by Dr. and Mrs. Leung in the Spring of 2017, Wellspring of Life Farm, Inc is the direct result of years of service witnessed and fulfilled by family, friends and relatives. The Legacy of Service instilled by others was demonstrated in all aspects of life but most especially in faithfulness and honor. Dr. Leung's parents were married for 60 years and raised 5 children. Mrs. Leung's family continues to serve in the Armed Forces for four generations now including their most revered grandfather, Colonel Justice M. Chambers, a Medal of Honor recipient who served in World War II.

The Legacy of Service that Wellspring of Life Farm honors stems from the very best in each of us. Though the reasons may differ for volunteering on the farm, we bring our diversity of experiences together to create a dynamic team united by respect, integrity and compassion to serve others with the help of horses and dogs through equine and canine therapy.  


There are many needs for volunteers in our program. We would not be able to offer the innovative programs without the generous time and energy of volunteers. A huge thank you goes out to all of those who have brought Wellspring of Life Farm this far by offering their gifts, talents, and prayers.


If you would like to join our Volunteer team, please take a few moments to complete the three steps below. 

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Volunteer Application

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Step 3




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Looking for a few good men, women & teens!

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