Equine programs


Equine therapy sessions are based on the theory that horses through centuries of development and survival as creatures of prey are highly intuitive and acutely receptive. Beloved therapy horses offer participants direct feedback to a participant's emotional and physical interactions during equine therapeutic activities. Perceptive and loving creatures, therapy horses assist the participant in building problem solving strategies to achieve short and long term goals.

Equine therapeutic activities are based on natural horsemanship activities and follow an interactive

curriculum that offers participants sound horsemanship skills and a thorough overview of their Equine Team member.​ 

The Equine program is designed to meet the individual needs of the participants- goals, objectives, strategies, and achievements are determined by participant and team. 

Participants can have private sessions or group sessions, unmounted and mounted therapeutic activities depending on goals and determined by team.

Therapeutic Riding Sessions

Riders are evaluated on ability, needs, and goals before beginning therapeutic riding sessions with a PATH certified instructor. Sessions are offered in private or group.

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Equine Assisted Learning

Participants work with an educational professional, equine specialist and equine to achieve goals related to problems solving strategies, confidence, organizational skills, attention, observation, etc... 

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Participants work with licensed counselors, equine specialist and equine to achieve goals set by participants.

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Participants work with physical and occupational therapists to achieve goals while mounted on the horse.

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Wellspring of Life Farm is a certified PATH Center and follows PATH standards for therapeutic activities.