Connecting Heroes & Horses©

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Connecting Heroes & Horses© is a WLF program that seeks to encourage, empower and connect Military & First Responders with the extensive benefits of the human/horse connection through state-wide initiatives designed to connect service members, departments and organizations with local equine resources in their communities. Program initiatives are developed by WLF's Cavalry Reconnaissance Team which is comprised of military members, first responders and health practitioners. 


Maryland has over 50 equine therapeutic programs licensed by Maryland Horse Industry Board across the state. By connecting our beloved military and first responders to these beneficial equine resources already available to them in their community, WLF endeavors to enhance communication and facilitate partnerships between the military and first responders with established equine programs.  


With grant support, WLF plans to initiate 3 clinics in 2022 that will expose 150 military and first responders to the worthwhile benefits of the human/horse connection. During the day-long clinic, participants will experience hands-on activities with their horse partners as well as receive MHIB resources that will equip each participant with the appropriate tools to act as a liaison between their organization and equine programs in their community. WLF will provide support through emails and phone calls as well as track the benefits of the initiative through data collection via surveys. Goal is to expose between 1,000-2,000 military and first responders to equine resources in their communities via 150 clinic participants with potential of offering more clnics in 2022.

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Operation Reach

Acknowledging the crucial role that military organizations have played in the lives of service members and their families throughout the decades, this initiative is offered to support military organizations seeking to expand their reach to address the growing needs of service members, veterans and their families. 

WLF offers its facilities and 72 acre farm as a resource to military organizations seeking to explore the many possibilities available to them as they seek to expand their membership reach and try different activities that address the needs of younger service members and their families.

Interested organizations should contact Dawn Leung directly to reserve a day for their organization to meet. There is no charge for use of WLF facilities.
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Maryland Accreditation  of Equine Therapeutic Programs

WLF will work with local organizations and state agencies in the equine community to research and design a program to address the need for a Maryland accreditation board for equine therapeutic programs. Maryland has exceptional equine resources and the potential to create a program that reflects the innovative and diverse equine practices already present in Maryland equine therapeutic programs.