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Canine Team Members

Truly beloved family members,

our pack is made up of strong, smart, compassionate working dogs

who use their skills to help us on the farm each day.

Jana, Fu and Chloe are ready to work with you...

meet our Canine Team!


Jana is a black on black German Shepherd who was originally being trained for FEMA for search and rescue. Turning 10 years old this year, Jana is the Alpha of the pack and uses her working dog background to regularly guard our crops, livestock and property. She is agile and chases off foxes and predators as large as coyotes from the fields each week. She loves chasing the hose and retrieving/finding just about anything. Jana is known for attempting to pull tree limbs off the tree when a stick is not in sight- determined and willing, she is always ready to work. She is currently in training for therapy certification.


Fu Yau

Fu Yau means "filled with goodness" in Chinese, and 'Fu' lives up to his name. He is a Great Pyrenese specifically bred to be a "livestock guardian." Fu takes his job on the farm quite seriously sitting for hours watching over our chickens and goats. He is 95 lbs and will run off a fox in a blink of an eye - which he has done numerous times! When he is done guarding for the day, Fu enjoys splashing in the water. His is adored by many for his gentle spirit and kind eyes. Fu is patient and his calm demeanor will make him a great therapy dog as he puts the most tentative visitor at ease. He is currently in training for therapy certification.

walking fu & goats.jpg


Charming Choice aka Chloe is a Bernese Mountain dog bred as the ultimate "farm dog." They are utilized on the farm as pullers, protectors, herders and babysitters. Chloe is filled with personality and strength. She is now old enough to begin carting- where she will use her strength and eagerness to be involved pulling materials on our farm (see photo below of what is in store for our strong girl this fall). Almost a Grand Champion in the conformation ring, Chloe will make a superb therapy dog because she is observant and eager. She is currently in training for drafting and therapy certification.

York 5 Major 3-2017.jpg
Berner Pulling.jpg
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